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PGCPL is committed to your business to create a long term service partnership that will deliver immediate service benefits. Its continued commitment to mutual goals will help position your business with a significant competitive advantage. You can be confident in PGCPL as a service solution they can trust and that it will always deliver on promise, from the start. Based on PGCPL‟s current and future relationships, it will meet your business‟ distribution, customer service and IT expectations PGCPL hopes that you will take the opportunity to understand its service background through clients, employees and partners and be completely content in a strong partnership with a company embodying a compatible set of values.

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PGCPL is a key service provider in these markets offering a wide range of Vehicle GPS tracking and distribution services.Several ofits business partnerships have risen from ‘word of mouth’ and known reputation for customer service excellence. It maintains a focus on providing services to prestige corporate clients such as your business. Ourobjective is to grow by attracting a manageable number of qualities, targetmarket clients and providing them with focused attention, rather than forcing business to grow simply through the push for indiscriminate addition to revenue. The following Strategic Partnership Charter further reinforces our approach

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We Are Trusted Logistics Company Since 1990

Dedication, commitment and sincerity towards our work

Dedication, commitment, and sincerity are the pillars of PGCPL India's work ethos, driving our relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering client trust.

Experienced, dedicated and passionate manpower

PGCPL India prides itself on its experienced, dedicated, and passionate manpower, driving innovation and excellence in every endeavor.

International quality packing material

PGCPL India is synonymous with international quality packing material. We ensure your products are safeguarded with excellence and precision.

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